Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Year of the Dodgy Exam

Is this the year of the dodgy exam? After English paper two was "leaked" (ie. given out by mistake instead of paper one) in our own Leaving Certificate exams, nearly 2000 students in England were given last years French written and aural exams in their equivalent of the Junior Certificate- the GCSE.

From the Guardian;

"The papers, one a reading and one a listening exam, count for 40% of pupils' overall grades.

One invigilator, who oversaw the exam this morning and contacted the Guardian, said the problem was spotted after it was noticed that some pupils had been given a paper with 34 questions, while others had 28. It transpired some pupils were about to sit an out-of-date exam."

As I've said before, I'm just very grateful to the gods of education cock-ups that this sort of thing didn't happen to me last year.


  1. GCSE's are *not* the equivalent of the Leaving Cert. GCSE's are roughly equivalent to a Junior Cert, although as they're designed to be sat a year later they're widely regarded as a higher qualification. The equivalent to the Leaving Cert in England, the terminal exams of secondary education, are the A-levels.
    But yeah, it seems to be the year of the cock-up. Can't say I'd mind getting a paper I'd seen before, though!

  2. Ahh... apologies for my ignorance. I'll edit the offending paragraph!