Saturday, June 27, 2009

Protest at Our Lady's Childrens Hospital, Crumlin

Seeing the numbers at the protest to save services in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin was a little bit upsetting. I would estimate that just over 100 people were there. Where was everyone else? If people are able to go out and say how upset they are that Michael Jackson died, why don’t they get out and show their support for Irish children that could die if there are further cuts to the wards and staff in Crumlin hospital?

Dr. James Reilly, Fine Gael spokesman for health (above) spoke along with several parents of children who are waiting on operations at the hospital or are currently being treated there. Cllr Joan Collins (who did an interview on this blog here) led the chants of “Harney Harney Harney, OUT OUT OUT!” , “Brendan Drumm can you hear, we don’t want your cutbacks here” and “I don’t know but I have seen, the HSE is a death machine”.

The people who did turn out should be applauded for coming out, but where was everyone else? This hospital caters for all of the children nationwide, not just Dublin children. The next protest is on July 25th, please show your support.

You can access the campaign to save Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Crumlin's website here.

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