Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Round-up 21 Feb 2010

Hopefully every Sunday I'll get to do a round up of all that is good on the web in the week gone by.

Starting with something close to my heart, Blurred Keys wrote about the visit of Press Ombudsman to DCU, but they took a different angle than I did here. BK focused on the role the Press Ombudsman has as a mediator and how seriously he takes some complaints.

Irish Election is one blog I always keep an eye on, and they have an excellent post on the fallout from the Willie O'Dea resignation (as do The Story).

The Story also had a copy of WOD's resignation letter.

The DCU Journalism Society (I'll admit it, I am on the committee) announced that they will award Mark Little with honorary membership after he gives a talk on journalism in the digital age.

Journosoc will host BBC Journalist Alan Johnston tomorrow (expect a blog post on here afterwards).

And finally, I remembered what the first CD I ever bought was;

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