Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'There's going to be a change. Things are going to catch up.'

Mark Little spoke at the DCU Journalism Society last night about Online Journalism.

One of the many questions he answered was "how do you make money from sharing [news on the web]"

His answer:

"A hard question, because ultimately from my point of view there's no point in having a social use for journalism unless there's a sustainable model behind it... Advertising can't be relied upon at the moment, but if you look at the advertising statistics they show that about 10% of advertising goes online. And yet we as people spend 20% of our time online in the Western World. You can see that there's going to be a change. Things are going to catch up. More advertising will go online. The problem is advertisers are scared silly of sharing on social networks because they can't trust the content on it.
What will happen I think, and what I'm trying to do, is we have to create new channels of distribution of ProAm content- professional and amateur put together.
Selling raw content isn't going to work anymore- it doesn't make money on a community. What you make money from is the community."

More will be posted on my other blog in the coming days

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