Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Harney's boo-boo

I listened with interest this morning as Mary Harney went on Morning Ireland to discuss the role she played in the controversy around the non-review of 57,000 X-rays at Tallaght hospital.

Harney said that the protocol for dealing with a situation of malpractice follows;
1.Ensure that the practice has stopped
2.Ensure a speedy review takes place
3.Inform patients of the malpractice
4.Inform the public

With RTE News (Radio 1, 8am) saying that up to 15,000 of the 57,000 patients had not been informed, what has Harney been doing? She had the time to inform all patients, given that the top brass in Tallaght knew all about this last summer.

One person has died already and another is seriously ill partly due to misdiagnosis.

Is this the smell of another political casualty in the air?

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