Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Round-Up 15 March 2010

Lots of interesting reports have come out of the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) conference held over the last few days. One which caught my sports-loving eye was how cricket's Indian Premier League is the new buzzword in social networking. A model for sport, particularly now revenue streams are down.

The shocking news broke that the HSE left a 16 year old in an Internet Cafe overnight because of a lack of beds. Remember that it came after the Tracey Fay scandal and that makes for an even more astonishing blunder.

Reuters started telling their reporters not to break news on twitter. As Mark Little says, "if Reuters have to tell their reporters not to break news on Twitter they are losing."

In an interview about his new film; Michael Moore, a supporter of US President Obama, said "our enthusiasm for President Obama has been taken to a level of extreme disappointment. The fact that he and the Democrats have not come in with guns blazing and done the job that we elected them to do is very disappointing."

I also saw a fantastic video on TED about how innovation in design can save newspapers. Jacek Utko details his experience of redesigning Eastern European newspapers and how their sales rocketed following redesign.


StumbleUpon is fantastic for some things, such as alerting me to stories like how the "Bank of America apologises for repossessing parrot". Need I say more?

I also found some Zombie Hunters in Glasnevin.

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