Sunday, April 4, 2010

Goings-on in Glasnevin

I'm not an avid follower of Student's Union politics in DCU. However I tend to perk up a bit around election time. This year is possibly the most controversial election yet though.

Something happened. What happened, not many are sure of yet.

The jist of it is (from what I've learned so far) a high profile election candidate was proposed by someone in DCU who was not an enrolled student. Yet had been lying about it all along.

It wouldn't be a huge thing, except that the SU have decided to tell a small group of people around them Class Representatives were sent this email, yet noone else was sent it. The class reps have, in their wisdom, decided not to send it to their constituents.

Nice to see the future FF/FG/Labour hacks starting early anyway. Cover-up training 101 going on over in The Hub.

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  1. I think the problem was that even class reps were unaware of what was going on until a few minutes before that person posted the email to boards (they had only just received the email).

    This whole election is getting far too dramatic. I eagerly await a candidate proposing massive health insurance policy changes, and angry republicans sending death threats and talking about civil war; it's clearly the next logical step.

  2. Niall, cop on.

    The email was received 30 minutes before you made this post.

  3. The class reps were sent this email, on Easter Sunday. People have lives outside the SU, and even the exec almost certainly have better things to be doing with their time on a bank holiday weekend.

  4. Hey Niall!

    Seamus here from action replay. Im a class rep and im not telling my 'constituents' anything until i wait and see what happens at the emergency union council! Class rep are right not to send anything until after tomorrows meeting.

    Just saying, thanks!